Analysis of common failures of hydraulic synchronous motors

The main factor that affects the synchronization error of the synchronous motor The synchronous motor is composed of several motors with high machining accuracy and the same size. The same size and higher machining accuracy make the flow (displacement) through each motor approximately the same. Furthermore, because the cross-sectional area (or displacement) of the actuator is the same, speed synchronization is achieved. Synchronous motors have high accuracy, but there are still obvious errors in actual use. The synchronization accuracy is mainly affected by the following factors:

1) Machining accuracy of motors and actuators;

2) The uniformity of the load;

3) The layout of the pipeline;

4) The content of gas in the medium.

 Due to the above reasons, there are obvious errors in the actual use of synchronous motors. Therefore, in order to solve the synchronization error of the synchronous motor, it is necessary to solve the above problems and use the synchronous motor correctly and reasonably.

Measures to eliminate synchronization errors

1.Choosing a synchronous motor with high processing accuracy and the processing accuracy of the actuator synchronous motor and the actuator determines the synchronization accuracy of the system. Therefore, choosing the right manufacturer is a crucial issue. If the component accuracy is guaranteed, the synchronization accuracy of the system can be easily guaranteed. The displacement of the synchronous motor is the same, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the actuator is the same, and the synchronization accuracy is greatly improved.

2. Eliminate the cumulative error of the synchronous motor

Although the machining accuracy of the synchronous motor is relatively high, it cannot be exactly the same. If the flow rate is large, the flow rate is always large, that is, the cumulative error of the synchronization accuracy will be generated. Especially when the movement of the actuator is within the range of travel, this cumulative error is even greater. It can be seen from Figure 1 that, on each oil circuit inside the synchronous motor, there is a valve group consisting of an overflow valve 2 and a one-way valve 3. This valve group is set up to eliminate the position asynchrony error. A synchronous motor generally needs to control several actuators.

3.Synchronous horse selection and load matching

The relief valve of the synchronous motor can eliminate the synchronization error at the same time, we can also see that the pressure set by the relief valve is also a very critical factor. Its pressure setting must match the load. If the pressure is set too high, the synchronization error cannot be eliminated; if the pressure is set too low, the load is not uniform. When some actuators push a larger load, the pressure oil will become high pressure, and the overflow valve will It starts to overflow. In this way, several actuators will go up and down, which will cause great asynchrony, and may also cause equipment accidents. Therefore, firstly, check that the load cannot be excessively biased, and secondly, set the overflow pressure of the synchronous motor overflow valve.

4. Synchronous horses are affected by pipeline pressure

The pipeline configuration from the synchronous motor outlet to the actuator must also be reasonable, otherwise it will have an impact. Because the pressure loss of the pipeline is also relatively large, when this pressure loss is combined with the deviation of the load, a very high pressure will be generated inside the pipeline. If the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the motor changes greatly, then At the same speed, the displacement of the motor changes. Therefore, we try our best to adjust the distance, the form of the elbow, the diameter of the pipe, etc.

Post time: May-27-2021
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