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GRH designs and produces power unit,orbit motor, hydraulic gear pumps / gear motors,mono-block valves,sectional stack valves,proportional valves and flow dividers .These components are mainly used on industrial machineries, material handling,construction machineries, agricultural and industrial fields.

  • GRH Products

    GRH Products

    GRH designs and produces power unit,orbit motor, hydraulic gear pumps / gear motors,mono-block valves,sectional stack valves,proportional valves and flow dividers .

  • About GRH

    About GRH

    GRH is specialized in providing hydraulic components and solutions to hydraulic systems.With persistent improvement and enthusiasm over the past 30 years, GRH has been an emerging power in fluid powerindustry since it was established in 1986.

  • GRH Service

    GRH Service

    GRH have a close cooperation with our customers by offering them solutions to hydraulic systems. We are fully aware of the contributions that customers have made during the system design process.