Four Wheel Steering Road Sweeper Cleaning Machine

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The new debut of the RG-8240 road sweeper creates the ideal and vision of a road sweeper with multi-function and powerful performance. The RG-8240 road sweeper, with its flexible steering design, is rich in exquisite and ingenious operation experience, and is subtly integrated with the exquisite body proportions, the concise and neat body of the large-capacity recycling box, and the outline of the large-capacity water tank. Giving you more efficient cleaning operations and loading more garbage, the RG-8240 is faithfully by your side, going forward.

The RG-8240 Vacuum Sweeper is the ideal sweeper, no matter the city center, sidewalks, streets or alleys, all are as clean as new. The unique hose ensures very high suction performance and energy-saving operation. Both of its cleaning brushes can be used independently. This maneuverability allows the operator to easily vacuum and sweep fenced areas of street furniture and parking lots. The operator can adjust the sweep speed and the amount of water spray. With this ballastless system, the pressure of the sweeping brushes on the ground can be adjusted according to the usage to ensure low-cost operations and spotless cleaning results.

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