RG-8240 Multifunctional road sweeper

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RG-8240 multifunctional road sweeper has a number of appearance, utility model and invention patents. The walking drive, steering system, fan drive, brush drive and garbage bin lift all adopt advanced hydraulic technology; the suction system adopts a double-circulation airflow back-blowing mechanism, which can improve the cleaning efficiency of the road sweeper; the left and right sweeping brushes can be independently controlled, And all have obstacle avoidance function. When they collide with an object, they will retract and pop up after passing over the object; the front, rear, left and right inclination angles of the brush can be adjusted independently, making the road sweeper suitable for different roads; the brush suspension adopts a unique The ballastless system reduces the wear of the brushes, increases the service life of the brushes and reduces road damage; the front and rear frames, cab and engine all have independent shock absorption systems, which make the operator more comfortable and reduce The small vehicle impacts the self-developed dumpling connection system, which has a larger carrying capacity and is flexible and convenient to turn. RG-8240 road sweeper can be described as a flexible and versatile multi-functional equipment with superior strength.

Four Wheel Steering Road Sweeper Cleaning Machine-1
Four Wheel Steering Road Sweeper Cleaning Machine-4
Four Wheel Steering Road Sweeper Cleaning Machine-2

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