Innovation leads the future of GRH!

From July 24th to 26th, 2023, in order to promote technical exchange of Guorui Hydraulic (GRH) products and improve the business level of sales personnel, Jiangsu Guorui Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. collaborated with Shanghai Company for a three-day training activity.

During this period, GRH collectively visited Qiao Guanhua's former residence, Lu Xiufu Memorial Hall, and Jianhu Museum to commemorate historical figures and appreciate the charm of great men. In the beautiful place of Jianhu, GRH has organized various teamwork and fun activities. Not only has the team spirit been further strengthened, but there has also been better communication and mutual understanding among employees. This approach of promoting team cohesion and employee satisfaction through group building activities has laid a solid foundation for the future development of the company.


In the product training, GRH arranged a series of lectures aimed at improving the skill level and knowledge reserve of employees. GRH invited the heads of various product technology departments to provide professional explanations on gear pumps, power units, valves, motors, and other products. They shared the latest technologies and trends with employees, allowing them to better understand the market and user needs. This innovative training method not only broadens employees' horizons, but also provides a broader perspective for the company's product development


Guorui Hydraulic (GRH) has taken solid steps towards the future for all GRH salespeople through employee team building activities and product training. The innovative approach of Guorui Hydraulic (GRH) not only promotes the improvement of product quality, but also further strengthens the teamwork spirit among employees. 

Guorui's determination to drive innovation and move towards the future is self-evident, and I believe they will achieve greater success! Guorui Hydraulic (GRH) will work together to win the future!

Post time: Aug-09-2023