How does orbital hydraulic motor work?

Orbital Hydraulic Motor

Orbital Hydraulic Motor: The inner gear ring is fixedly connected with the housing, and the oil entering from the oil port pushes the rotor to rotate around a central point. This kind of slowly rotating rotor drives the output through spline shaft and becomes orbital hydraulic motor. After the first orbital motor came out, after decades of evolution, another concept of motor began to form. This kind of motor is equipped with rollers in the built-in gear ring. The motor with roller can provide high starting and running torque. The roller reduces friction and improves efficiency. Even at very low speed, the output shaft can produce stable output. By changing the direction of the input and output flow, the motor quickly reverses and produces equal torque in both directions. Each series of motors have a variety of displacement options to meet the requirements of various speeds and torques.

Orbital hydraulic motor is a kind of small low speed and high torque hydraulic motor with one shaft flow distribution and inlaid stator and rotor pair. The advantages are as follows:

1.It is small in size and light in weight. Its overall dimension is much smaller than other types of hydraulic motors with the same torque.

2.Wide range of speed, stepless speed regulation, minimum stable speed up to 15 rpm, easy installation and layout, low investment cost.

3.It can be used in series or parallel in hydraulic system.

4.Small rotational inertia, easy to start under load, can be used in both forward and reverse directions, and there is no need to stop when reversing.

Orbital hydraulic motor is widely used. It is mainly used in the rotary mechanism of agriculture, fishery, light industry, lifting and transportation, mining, engineering machinery and other machinery.

Examples of orbital hydraulic motor application in foreign countries

1.Agricultural uses: all kinds of combine harvesters, planter, rotary tiller, lawn mower, sprayer, feed mixer, ground drilling machine.

2.Fishing: Fishing machine

3.Light industry: winding machine, textile machine, printing machine, washing machine for business

4.Construction industry: road roller, cement mixer, sweeper

The orbital hydraulic motor is a kind of motor which the output shaft and the valve are integrally formed, and the stator and rotor pair are inlaid. The specific structure is shown in Figure

1.The end face flow distribution and axial flow distribution are adopted, the structure is simple and compact, and the flow distribution precision is high.

2.The stator and rotor pairs with inlaid teeth are adopted, high mechanical efficiency, long service life under high pressure.

3.Double angular ball bearing can bear large radial and axial load, low friction and high mechanical efficiency.

4.The advanced valve distribution mechanism has the characteristics of high precision and automatic wear compensation.

5.The motors are allowed to be used in series or in parallel, and should be connected with an external drain port when used in series.

6.With tapered roller bearing support design, the motor can directly drive the working mechanism because of its large radial bearing capacity.

7.A variety of flange, output shaft, oil port and other installation and connection forms.

Operation precautions

1.Before operation, check whether all components of the hydraulic system are connected correctly, and add the oil to the specified height through the filter.

2.Start and run for 10 ~ 15 minutes under no-load condition, and exhaust. If there is foam in the fuel tank, noise in the system, and the stagnation of the motor cylinder, it is proved that there is air in the system.

3.After removing the air, fill the oil tank, and then gradually increase the load of the motor until the maximum load. Observe whether there are abnormal phenomena, such as noise, oil rise and oil leakage.

4.Change the oil after 50 hours of operation, the replacement can be carried out according to the maintenance rules.

5.If it is not motor fault, please do not disassemble it easily.

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