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GRH designs and produces:

Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Sectional Valves

Monoblock Valves

Proportional Valves (with load sensitivity and pressure compensation)

Hydraulic Gear Motor

Hydraulic Flow Divider

Power Unit

Orbit Motor

    These parts are mainly used in industrial machinery, material handling, construction machinery, agriculture and industrial fields.

GRH is fully aware of the customer’s contribution during the design stage and the importance of product design input. In addition to supplying products on the GRH catalog, GRH also works closely with customers to provide hydraulic technology system solutions. Customers can rely on GRH’s experience in hydraulic component and system design and GRH technical experts to realize their vision.

GRH has paid attention to the importance of the integration of electronic control and hydraulic system. In order to optimize the design and save energy, GRH is making its own efforts in the electronic control and integration of the system.


Factory and equipment

GRH currently has nearly 400 employees and more than 60 engineering technicians. It has a machining center, CNC lathe, gear hobbing machine, gear shaving machine, gear honing machine, diamond boring machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, controlled atmosphere carburizing furnace, physical and chemical Equipment, etc., recently purchased a total of 220 sets of equipment for vertical and horizontal machining in Germany, thermal deburring machine in Germany, CNC vertical quilting machine in the United States, cylindricity in the United Kingdom, etc., with an annual output of up to 1.6 million hydraulic parts.

Equipment    Equipment01

Equipment02    Equipment04

Equipment05       Equipment06



Production process control

For the process, whether it can produce qualified products or high-quality products in a long-term and stable manner must meet two basic conditions: there is sufficient process capability, and the process remains stable and controlled. GRH’s control of the production process is mainly reflected in the control of the production operation plan, the control of raw materials, purchased parts, external parts, process components, the control of the manufacturing environment, the control of equipment, tooling and the control of key processes . GRH took the lead in introducing the concepts of 5S site management and TPM comprehensive production management in the industry.

Production process control

Production process control02    Production process control03


Product Category

Gear pump, gear motor

Gear pump , gear motor

Hydraulic valve

Hydraulic valve

Power unit

Power unit

Orbit motor

Orbit motor

Imported products (cartridge valves, air coolers)

cartridge valves

Air coolers

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