Guorui hydraulic (GRH) sweeper was shipped to the European market successfully

Recently, the road sweeper exported to Europe by Guorui Hydraulics (GRH) has passed CE certification and is packaged and shipped in containers.

The picture shows workers at Guorui Hydraulics (GRH) packing road sweepers on containers.

The detailed specifications of the sweeper exported this time are as follows:

 sweeper exported-1

1.Dimensions (including sweeping brush):4320*1400*2070mm (length*width*height);

Perkins Perkins (four-cylinder) engine, hydraulic four-wheel drive, hydraulic system uses a triple gear pump developed by Guorui Hydraulics (GRH), integrated valve block, dust suction motor, etc.

2.Performance parameter:

1) Front/rear wheelbase: 920mm; 2) Wheelbase: 2040mm

3) The minimum ground clearance is 200mm; 4) The sweeping width: 2400mm

5) Volume of trash bin: 1500L; 6) Weight: 3000KG

7) Payload: 1700KG; 8) Maximum sweeping width: 2.4m

9) Operating speed: 8-12Km/h; driving speed: ≤35km/h

10) Maximum cleaning capacity: 28800m²/h

Post time: Jul-29-2021
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