Sectional Valves-GKV50

Short Description:

Ordered section valve is a three sectional valve, Inlet relief valve setting pressure is 210bar,there is no return port on the end section.the first section have two load relief valve on it’s B ports. The section is droved by the wire. The spool funtion is a “O” type. The desired flow for the 30 L/min. the overload relief valve is with anti-cavitation function.the Second section is also droved by the wire.there is no overload relief valve on either A or B port. The spool fuction is “Y” type, the desired flow is 30 L/min. the third section is droved by the Hydraulic remote. No overload relief on either “A” or “B” port. Spool function is “H” type, desires 30 L/min flow

Product Detail

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Rate flow rate: 50L/min
Maximum flow rate: 60L/min
Minimum flow rate 20L/min
Maximum pressure at P port: 350bar
A/B port Maximum pressure: 350bar
T port Maximum pressure: 25bar
inner leakage(70bar)A/BtoT: 25-35CC/min
with P.O Check: 2-5CC/min
Spool strock (1/2 position): +7/-7 mm
With floating function (1/2 and F position): +7/-7 -10 mm
Solenoid can be either 12VDC and 24VDC,Corresponding current is 0-1.5 and 0-0.75Amp。

Order sample
















2 section valve

Inlet section valve

Inlet relief valve settings 210bar

End section code

First section

Work section code

Drive style code

Spool function code


Desired flow rate(40L/min)

Handle Bracket code

handle code

overload relief valve code











Second section

Work section

Drive style code

Spool code

12v DC or 24v DC ,if not eletrical,pls ingored

Desired flow rate(50L/min)

Handle Bracket code

handle code

overload relief valve code


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