Some reasons affecting hydraulic pump failure

A hydraulic pump is the most important component in the hydraulic system and any malfunctions related to a hydraulic pump can bring severe damage to the entire system affecting performance and productivity. There are many reasons for hydraulic pump malfunctioning. But, the frequent occurrence of pump issues, requires a complete system inspection. Here are some possible causes of a hydraulic pump failure:
1、oil quality problem:Contaminants in the hydraulic system will change the oil properties and causes oil contamination. Also, sludge or varnish accumulated due to lack of maintenance or longer operation will also contaminate the fluid. These contaminants will reach the hydraulic pump through hoses/tubes when the system is under operation. The particle debris and oil contamination will increase the friction between pump parts causing corrosion and other wear that reduces pump lifespan.
2、Wear of the pump: The hydraulic pump will wear out during long-term use, and if it is not replaced or maintained in time, its working efficiency will be affected.
3、Bubble problem: If there are bubbles in the hydraulic system, the suction efficiency of the hydraulic pump will be reduced, thereby affecting the working efficiency of the entire hydraulic system.
4、Temperature problem: hydraulic pumps need to work within a certain temperature range, if the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect its working efficiency and life.
5、Pressure problem: The hydraulic pump needs to work within a certain pressure range. If it exceeds its working pressure range, it will cause its overload operation, which will affect its life and work efficiency.
In short, there are many reasons for hydraulic pump failures, and corresponding maintenance and repairs are required for different failure reasons. In daily use, attention should be paid to maintaining the cleanliness and replacement cycle of the hydraulic oil, and regularly checking the wear of the hydraulic pump to avoid the above problems.

Post time: Mar-17-2023