Power Unit FAQ

1. What are the main important components that make up the power unit

Answer: Motor+gear pump+oil tank+various valves+filters (oil inlet must be equipped) 

2. What are the differences between S1 motor and S3 motor in the power unit and how to choose them

Answer: S1 is long-term, S3 is short-term, considering the motor and the entire power unit system,

S1 motor can operate continuously for 10-20 minutes, while S3 motor can only operate continuously for 2-3 minutes

90% of DC motors are S3 motors

50% of AC motors are S3 motor and another 50% are S1 motors 

3. The range of power that the power unit can achieve

Answer: 0.16kw -4kw, over 4kw is a hydraulic station 

4. Displacement range of gear pump

Answer: 0.16cc-8cc, our company can achieve a maximum of 9.8cc 

5. What are the options for oil tank capacity

Answer: Plastic, usually square: 1.5-26L  

For special requirements please contact us

1.5L ---15*100*138mm

1.5L ---140*130*140mm

1.7L ---89*150*200mm

2.5L ---140*135*208mm

8L ---180*180*440mm

10L ---180*180*530mm

12L ---180*180*550mm

16L ---180*180*700mm

20L ---180*180*1050mm

26L ---245*275*440mm

Iron oil tank: all can be made 

6. The range of electromagnetic valve voltage we produce

Answer: We can meet both 12V DC/24V DC/12V AC/24V AC requirements 

7. How to understand the single action and double action in the power unit

Answer:Single action: When the oil cylinder descends, it falls back by gravity

Double action: both the rising and falling motors must work

Power Unit FAQ

Post time: Apr-28-2023