New Year’s Greetings

2022 is approaching the end.

2022 is a year of opportunities and challenges.

In 2022, our life will experience many uncertainties. From the locking down of Shanghai in March to June, to the up and down of the epidemic from July to November, and then to the deregulation in December, all employees of GRH Shanghai worked at home several times to protect themselves and work efficiently. In this case, our orders increased rather than decreased, creating a new achievement. Facing the rapidly changing international market, we should not forget our original intention, face every customer with heart, move the exhibition from offline to online, and strive to develop the international market.

Our colleagues of GRH Jiangsu Factory, while striving to complete the order delivery with quality and quantity guaranteed, also greatly expanded the product line. In 2022, GRH has developed the following new products to meet more customer needs:

1: The 0MP series external gear pump with smaller displacement and higher pressure has a continuous maximum pressure of 300 bar.

2: The GWD series of orbit motor with lower speed and greater torque has successfully entered the European and American markets

3: GBV60 series of load sensitive proportional valves with higher frequency response and better controllability.

4; Power unit of electric drive aerial work platform.

Looking forward to 2023 and embracing the world, GRH will participate in the PTC Hydraulic and Transmission Exhibition held in Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Center in October 2023, showing examples of system integration and product progress over the past three years. GRH welcomes all business partners to come to the booth to communicate with us, and GRH will go forward with you!

Post time: Dec-30-2022