New product launch from Guorui hydraulic (GRH)

Guorui hydraulic (GRH) recently launched two new products, which are mainly used for accurate plow depth control of high-power tractors and driving of mobile machinery.

The following is the parameter information of these two products:

1. Plow lift valve with displacement sensing: mainly used for accurate plow depth control of high-power tractors

Rated flow: 80L / min;

Rated pressure: 25MPa;

With hydraulic lock function;

Control mode: electric control, 0-5V;

With floating position function;

Guorui hydraulic-1

Product model: GKV80LF-1. The front mounted wheeled tractor needs to control all kinds of hydraulic appliances. In order to realize the matching with the hydraulic system of this kind of tractor, GRH has developed this series of electronically controlled multi-way valves. Through the research and development of the valve, further expand the supporting coverage of GRH products in the agricultural machinery industry, enrich the product structure, cultivate and train technical talents, and improve the manufacturing capacity and process level. The product has the advantages of reasonable structure, advanced performance, obvious energy-saving effect and broad market prospect. The product is mainly used in tractor lifting mechanism to accurately control the lifting depth and speed; It also has the function of hydraulic lock.

2. Low speed, high torque and high stability orbit hydraulic motor is mainly used for wheel drive of mobile machinery

Displacement: 375 ml/r;

Continuous maximum pressure: 20.5 MPa, intermittent maximum pressure: 24 MPa

Continuous maximum flow: 75 L / min, intermittent maximum flow: 90 L / min;

Continuous maximum torque: 877 nm, intermittent maximum torque: 1027 NM

Continuous maximum speed: 183 R / min, intermittent maximum speed: 233 R / min

Volumetric efficiency: ≥ 88%

Weight: about 15 kg

Guorui hydraulic-2

Model: GWD375W4TAUDRCA, which is mainly used for the wheel drive of mobile machinery, especially the walking of scissor list areal work platform. The areal work platform is a kind of special equipment designed and produced to meet the needs of high-altitude operation. It can lift operators, tools and materials to the designated position through the work platform for various installation and maintenance operations, And provide safety guarantee for operators. Aerial work platform is widely used downstream, with the characteristics of intensive product technology and high added value. The downstream mainly includes construction, ship manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, steel structure installation and maintenance, building decoration and cleaning, military engineering, warehousing and logistics, airport and station services, etc.

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Post time: Aug-23-2021
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