GRH 2018 exhibition review

Each exhibition of GRH attracts many important guests to visit:


The delegation of Lower Saxony, Germany, was accompanied by Vice Chairman of China Hydraulics and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association and President of the “Hydraulic Pneumatics and Seals” magazine, Cheng Xiaoxia, at the PTC exhibition. Chairman Ruan Ruiyong introduced GRH system solutions And electro-hydraulic integrated products. German guests have great interest in GRH products and companies.

PTC exhibition

PTC exhibition12

GRH management and technical team communicate with international electronic control experts

PTC exhibition13

The GRH technical team conducted technical exchanges with Dr. Zhang Haiping, a special consultant of the expert committee of the famous China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association and a hydraulic expert

PTC exhibition1


In these exhibitions, GRH’s sales team is active:

Every employee has grown up with Guorui all the way, and now they can all be on their own. Guorui is also flourishing with the efforts of every employee. 2018 is coming to an end, and Guorui in 2019 will continue to surprise everyone.


Cooperation makes the goal a reality

PTC exhibition2

The thumbs up of customers is a reward for GRH products and services

PTC exhibition3

Numerous customers are always gathered in front of the booth of the electronically controlled Lishen control system

PTC exhibition4


Explain the application and performance of the power unit to customers

PTC exhibition6

Use technology to demonstrate literacy

PTC exhibition7

Communicate with confidence

PTC exhibition8

Impress customers with sincerity

PTC exhibition9

Explain with patience

PTC exhibition10

Meet old friends

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Our company is a professional manufactory for:

Gear pump (0.16cc/r-200cc/r)

Mini power packs (AC 380V/220V and DC 24V/12V  : 0.5KW-4KW)

Monoblock valves(25l/min,45l/min,80l/min,120l/min)

sectional directional control valve(35l/min,50l/min,100l/min,160l/min)

Hydraulic orbital motors(50mi/r to 400ml/r).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any related product requirements or inquiries.

We have recently added new products such as sweepers and hydraulic slewing devices.Welcome to inquire.

I believe that choosing GRH will be a good choice that will not regret you

Post time: Jul-07-2020