Eric Ruan, Chairman of GRH Guorui Hydraulic – Honorary Entrepreneur

The automatic production line runs at high speed, the mechanical arm is waved up and down, and the workers operate skillfully in their respective positions. In the production workshop of Jiangsu Guorui Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., a provincial specialized and special small giant enterprise, a vigorous atmosphere of production has emerged everywhere.

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For more than 30 years, Eric Ruan, chairman of GRH, has always believed that technological innovation is the gene of enterprise success and the driving force of enterprise rapid development. He has set up a scientific research team, constantly absorbed international cutting-edge technologies, actively explored the new model of digital Guorui. Realize intelligent product design, automation of production and manufacturing, and informatization of enterprise management.

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GRH chairman Eric Ruan said: "To do a good job for an enterprise, first of all, we must concentrate on it, be brave in self-revolution, be brave in keeping up with the highest standards in the industry, and be brave in challenging the strongest enterprises in the industry. We must be able to take out our own things and stand out in the competition. In this way, our enterprise can maintain its core competitiveness for a long time, and can be evergreen." With a keen sense of cutting-edge technology in the industry, Eric Ruan, chairman of GRH, invested a lot of money to develop a number of new products, such as modular electro-hydraulic proportional multiple control valve with independent intellectual property rights and reaching the world's advanced level, which made up for the high price of imported parts, long delivery period, untimely after-sales service and many other disadvantages.

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At present, GRH owns a number of independent intellectual property rights and has established long-term cooperative relations with domestic and foreign customers such as YTO, Zoomlion and JCB. Load sensitive electro-hydraulic control proportional valve, integral valve, hydraulic gear pump, gear motor, orbit motor, hydraulic power unit and other products,enjoy good reputation in the international and domestic markets.

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GRH chairman Eric Ruan said: "I have always had a dream to build Guorui Hydraulic into an enterprise with high technical strength and can pass on for a hundred years. The title of Honorary Entrepreneur has given me more power. I will deeply cultivate management and move forward towards the goal of building a century-old flagship store in the hydraulic industry, so that the GRH brand will rise to the forefront and become more attractive. Now we have the support of so many good policies from the county party committee and the county government, and I believe this goal of the enterprise We are determined to win! 

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Post time: Feb-28-2023