PTC exhibition will open next month! Booth No. E3C4-2

The full name of PTC exhibition is the international power transmission and control technology exhibition, covering the fields of fluid power, mechanical transmission, compressed air, bearings, etc. Hydraulic occupies a large proportion, so PTC exhibition is also a grand event of hydraulic industry.

From October 26 to 29, 2021 Shanghai PTC exhibition, booth e3c4-2, welcome to visit.

The GRH exhibit launched some new products, including plow deep control proportional multi-way valve, and so on.

◆Pump System Asembly

It integrates hydraulic components such as gear pump, oil tank, check valve and relief valve, making the hydraulic system more compact, energy-saving and convenient for installation and use. It can be widely used in mobile equipment, clamping device, agricultural machinery steering system and baler hydraulic system.

Main technical parameters: pump displacement 1.0 ~ 12cc/r, rated working pressure 20MPa, maximum pressure 25MPa, rated speed 3000rpm, speed range 600 ~ 4500rpm, temperature – 45 ℃ ~ 130 ℃.

Pump System Asembly-1

◆High Pressure Aluminum Gear Pump 

Axial floating pressure compensation sealing structure is adopted inside the product, the shell is made of 6-series aluminum profile, and the front and rear covers are made of cast aluminum. Single pump, double pump and multi pump can be customized serially, which can be applied to medium and high pressure hydraulic systems such as ships, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery.

Main technical parameters: pump displacement 4 ~ 30cc/r, rated working pressure 20MPa, maximum pressure 25MPa, rated speed 2000rpm, speed range 500 ~ 3000rpm, temperature resistance – 45 ℃ ~ 130 ℃.

High Pressure Aluminum Gear Pump

◆Proportional Control Valve For Plow Depth Control / With Spool Displacement Sensing

Product model: GKV80LF-1, mainly used in tractor lifting mechanism to accurately control lifting depth and speed; It also has the function of hydraulic lock. 

Main technical parameters: rated flow: 80L / min; Rated pressure: 25MPa; With hydraulic lock function; Control mode: electric control, 0 ~ 5V; With floating position function.


◆Low Speed High Torque High Stability Cycloidal Hydraulic Motor

Product model: gwd375w4taudrca, cycloidal hydraulic motor for walking of scissor fork aerial work platform. Aerial work platform is widely used downstream, with the characteristics of intensive product technology and high added value. The downstream mainly includes construction, ship manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, steel structure installation and maintenance, building decoration and cleaning, military engineering, warehousing and logistics, airport and station services, etc.

Main technical parameters: displacement: 375 ml / r;; Continuous maximum pressure: 20.5MPa, intermittent maximum pressure: 24MPa; Continuous maximum flow: 75L / min, intermittent maximum flow: 90L / min; Continuous maximum torque: 877N•M, intermittent maximum torque: 1027 N•M; Continuous maximum speed: 183r / min, intermittent maximum speed: 233R / min; Volume efficiency: ≥ 88%; Weight: About 15kg.

Hydraulic Motor

The goal of GRH is innovator and leader!

Every exhibition is a milestone.

Recording the development of GRH; Guiding the future of GRH; Implement the concept of GRH.

Always stick to quality; Lead the future with innovation.


Post time: Sep-27-2021
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